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 Thank you for visiting our fundraising site: Children of the Ganges 


*We are creating a safe learning center in Rishikesh at Narayana Kunj hotel (www.narayanakunj.com
), India.

*Doors open: July, 2011

*Ages: 4-10 years (for schoolyear 2011-2012)

*Max 10 students in the first year.

*The Children of the Ganges School will focus on literacy and self help skills in order to guide the children in making informed decisions in their daily lives now (and in their future)

*Girls encouraged to attend but boys are welcome too.

*Longterm ;the students will have chance to enroll in a comprehensive eco tourguide training course (courtesy of Incredible Adventures) in the foothills of Himalaya mountains. Therefore becoming  advocates for their beautiful/sacred environment as well as bread winners.

*Students will also have exposure to yoga and art as to teach the 'whole child"





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take a look at our postcards below:


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