-Such a touching story....and what a wonderful thing you are doing. It is inspiring.

-Wow Truike -- had no idea of the background  of those charming cards you were selling -- Some effort on your part!

-What a wonderful article, Truike.  And a great photo too.  Congratulations on a beautiful idea and going forth with it.  The children will be so enriched by your efforts.

-How fantastic – good for you Truike;  you are truly a special person. Congrats!!!

-What a beautiful story Truike...congratulations! This is wonderful!  There are things we can do to "Heal the World...and make it a better place."  Congratulations, Truike.  

-This is WOW!!!

I am very proud of you!

-It's a wonderful  article. Well done. I'm so pleased for you. 

-Loved the article in the paper about your India project. You are great! I would love to help out in a small way. Keep me posted please.

- Your work is inspirational and heartwarming. I would love to purchase a package of cards.

     Your center idea reminds me of one of my heroes Maria Montessori (Wangari Maathai is my second hero, of course) who created a program in the slums of Rome. She taught the children how to take care of themselves and be independent besides teaching them academic skills. A major part of her program was peace related promoting mulitculturalism, tolerance of other cultures and caring for the Earth.

Thanks and good luck with your noble project. You are truly going to make a difference for the children of the Ganges. 


.  I saw the article today in The Sound Shore Express and I wanted to congratulate you on your project.  I am interested in buying some cards (as I am sure are most of the parents in the school) .  If you would just send 3 packages home with Zachary and tell me how much I owe you.