Bottle School

Children of the Ganges currently operates in classroom space donated to us by a local hotel owner but there is no heat and it is very dark and humid. Plus our lease is ending July 2018.

In order to resolve this fundamental need we have decided to build our own bottle school.

Our plan is simple: Build our one class school on top of an existing building (or plot of land) by using recycled water bottles that are used and disposed of (usually dumped all around town) by most visitors as well as locals.


A bottle school is a school built using plastic bottles known as 'eco-bricks'.

After a sufficient (3-4,000) number of empty plastic bottles are collected, garbage/in-organic waste is also collected; plastic bags, chip packets, polystyrene, etc. This is then cleaned and stuffed tightly into the empty plastic bottles, until the bottles are hard like bricks - 'eco-bricks'. These eco-bricks form the walls of every bottle school.


A bottle school is built using tried and tested post and beam construction, with strong foundations and concrete columns and beams reinforced with iron.

The difference being that with traditional post and beam construction the walls are filled with cinder blocks or bricks, where as with bottle schools the walls are filled with eco-bricks.

The frame (columns and beams) of the building provide the structural integrity, while the bottles act as filler (insulation) in the walls, with more plastic bags used to fill in the gaps between the bottles.

Up to three layers of cement mixed with sand are then applied to both sides of the walls and with a final layer of paint it means that you can not even tell that the walls are made of eco-bricks.


A bottle school is an efficient and environmentally conscious way to help fill the need for educational infrastructure that exists in many countries like India.

Reusing plastic waste to build a bottle schools cleans the community of trash, and in the process educates youth and the wider community about the environmental impact of non-biodegradable waste.

Above all, bottle schools are a community effort.

It would be very difficult for one person to collect the necessary amount of bottles and trash needed to build a school. However, a community working together can achieve this.


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