Radha and friend painting after a chinese meal
Starving artist can't create!

6  children in front of the restaurant were we used the dinning table to use as art table because it was raining outside


Buying our art cards and...

reselling 5/10 packs of cards to your friends/coworkers/family so you create your own mini drive for these children

spread awareness by talking to your friends

help set up a 501(c)

help improve our website

sending positive thoughts into the world

supply solar lights

donate a flip camera

donate a laptop

donate your expertise/time

ask your local Fedex/UPS office to donate the shipping costs of 2 fixed rate large boxes to India , like I did. ( see blog)

tell your friends about us

Just  email me at Truike@netzero.net if you have other ideas for us.


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